Wazuka + Echizen More Than Tradition


WE are all of us and creators of new.
Connecting daily life and the life of tea gardens
Wazuka tea and Echizen washi paper, it is a product that never ends.
The light hidden in WE, also lives in our minds.
With everyone who touches WE create new beginning.


After seeing discarded leaves on a day, all of a sudden I saw a small path.
Creation begins by imagining something new ahead of us.

How can WE emphasise this circulation even more?
Instead of returning used tea leaves to soil I gave them new meaning, new form.
And my action helps the Earth.

From mountain to mountain using both hands, Wazuka tea met Echizen washi paper,
those moments I will never forget.

I manage to create a new gift to someone.
Using our tradition to arrive in future.

A step towards the new Millenium.
This is the start of WE.


Being sustainable,
connecting the daily life and the life of the tea gardens.
I believe in the energy that lives here and now.
I want to tell the whole world about hidden treasures of my home.
The serendipity that can be seen by connecting the two, brought me a small gift.

Natural, uncertain things, which do not belong into package can bring you a pleasant, wonderful surprise.
For me, giving back to Earth in such unexpected way is a reward beyond measure.
It's become a tradition for us, WE.

Tea leaves that can have new life, instead going back to soil, let be that a start for you to think about importance of nature.


Please, share my story and cherish it. Be inspired! It is for all of us. WE!
It is never end. There are always many possibilities.
This is what I found by visiting many fields where I saw tradition shaped by busy hands, and me creating new.
Dream your dreams. It is possible. WE are on the way to future.,
and bringing you a gift, wonderful scent of Wazuka tea and feel of Echizen washi paper. Treasure it.


Rebirth! Tea into washi paper. Drinking turns into touching.
Smells into sound.
An important story is on the way. Our story, us, WE.

Tea is not only a nourishment where leaves are expanding under heat and squeezing their scent and aroma filling empty space, but become an art. Art of living.


Neither tea nor Japanese washi paper, rather, new, unique creation.
  • Business card holder1

    A business card holder made from Green Tea Washi.
    WE original sustainable product.

  • Business card holder2

    A type that opens and closes by using separate closing segment.
    Can hold approximately about 20 business cards.

  • Business card holder3

    This is where WE was born.
    Harvesting tea leaves with care as an appreciation of the natural tea fields.

  • Business card holder4

    Making Washi paper in harmony with nature.
    Skills and beauty makes us, “WE”.

  • Business card holder5

    Three types of tea leaves, each with own characteristics makes unique Japanese paper.

  • Business card holder6

    In the texture and intricacy of the card case, you can sense the green tea leaves enriched with warmth of the sun.

  • Glasses case1

    It gives you a unique feel of the subtle differences in textures and colors.
    WE original sustainable product.

  • Glasses case2

    A durable glasses case that goes beyond the image of Washi paper, well protecting your precious glasses.
    For those looking for an uniqueness.

  • Glasses case3

    Literary, we care for each and every tea leaf.
    Even they fall to the ground, they are gathered, and they become a tea.

  • Glasses case4

    The two -color design.
    Green is reminiscence of the Matcha and white is reminiscence of the paper, in this case Washi paper with tea leaves kneaded into it.

  • Glasses case5

    Spring tea plantation in Wazuka Town, Kyoto Prefecture.
    Beautiful contrast between green and black.
    We transport the tea leaves to the factory without wasting a single leaf.

  • Glasses case6

    The two halves of the glasses case will be well secured with a ribbon.
    You can also use your favorite ribbon.

  • Pot mat and coaster set1

    The front is on the back and back is on the front.
    This mat can be used on both sides. There is no right or wrong.
    WE original sustainable product.

  • Pot mat and coaster set2

    Use your pot mat with textured surface.
    Even your regular tea set will look unique with our tea mat.

  • Pot mat and coaster set3

    Even if some tea leaves are not made into product, they will be returned to the fields and be used for the next season.

  • Pot mat and coaster set4

    Not only will enrich your tea time, but it will also become a precious time in your life.

  • Pot mat and coaster set5

    Goka, the village of Echizen Washi paper in Fukui Prefecture is a stage where clear water and the tea leaves once again create new product.

  • Pot mat and coaster set6

    Soft and gentle tea leaves that can only be found in the Spring.
    We provide you with an opportunity to experience uniqueness.

the Art of Matcha

Creation, connection, celebration, living.

We aim to create society where things are fairer, cleaner, nicer, with unquestionable responsibility towards nature and environment in full.
Animals, insects and plants in all forms and shapes are essential part of it, in order to have clean, healthy well balanced environment.
*5% of sales will be used for activities to support the tea plantations and the future of Wazuka Town.